with verena :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012


hi y'all!

i had my eye visit today, went well and was short!
the drops are helping and we are holding off of surgery.
that means that i am still doing drops. (LLLLLAAAAMMMMMEEE)
he also added prism stickers, I've had them before but never this strong.
the lady who put them on said they have lots of the kind i need because they rarely use them.
ill go back in to weeks

as far as my belly is concerned, i am in massive amounts of pain.
the past 2 days have been really, really bad
we are going to call the doctor tomorrow.
i did not eat much today, and what i did eat i saw again...

and besides that i have normal clinic tomorrow, just like every week

tomorrow is friday.  thank goodness.

3 good things
1. went into school to finish up tests
2. kitten cuddles
3. i got the notification that my beads were shipped (YAY)

<3 hannah

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


did not go quite to plan.  i am in a lot of pain and eating is very difficult.

also some sad news, my friend abby relapsed shortly after finishing treatment, please send extra prayers for abby tonight.

also my friend jessi is having a hard time

i meet with my eye doctor tomorrow, please pray for my doctor to know what the best step from here is.

3 positve tings
1. I'm getting kitten cuddles
2. i got my yearbook
3. dad is chillin with me and thats nice, we are looking at the yearbook.

thats it

<3 hannah


my belly hurts.

have eye doc appointment tomorrow.
thats it.

<3 hannah

Monday, May 28, 2012

memorial day!!

a day to say thanks to all who have risked there lives helping others and standing up for a nation.  America would be no were with out its armed forces.

on the topic of memorial day there is one very neat boc project going on, its like team beads only with the army.  a army person is given 2 american flag beads to carry around will they do there army stuff.  then they give one of the flag beads to a kid in boc.  its neat because both are fighting in wars.

read about the flag bead (and cute baby jack)
send a flag bead

i just think that idea is so cool!!!

<3 hannah

have a good memorial day!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


1 day left, then back to the grind!!

excited to finish the AWUFUL eye drops!!! annnnnd we ordered my may beads on friday!!! I'm getting LOTS can't wait to string them and see how many i have!!

ok thats it, gonna go back to napping now :)

<3 hannah

Saturday, May 26, 2012

sappy saturday

sappy Saturday is going to be a thing now :P

today i watched my FAVORITE movie 'the princes and the frog'

there are many reasons this is my favorite movie
1. the music- you just cannot beat new Orleans jazz :)
2. the animation, its beautiful!!!
3. Tiana (spelt wrong sorry). everything about her, sarcasm, cooking, family, friendships. she knew from an early age that you can't get every thing you wish for without work.  she works her tail off for that restaurant!
4. the theme.  i love how disney takes its usually idea of wishing on a star and just turns it around.  there is a scene were tiana is has yet another set back and her friend throughs a fit over something silly and wishes for it on a star and then she gets it right away, they made it look silly and unrealistic.  this movie gives me so much hope, yes wishing is the first step, then comes WORK! i wished to walk and getting there was not a walk through the park (no pun intended) i went to PT, i did PT at home, i worked and i worked and i worked and IT HURT!! but i did it!! I'm now running!! something doctors told me would never be a possibility!!!
look at tiana (SPOILER ALERT!!!) she got turned into a frog and back and still managed to achieve her goals! if she can do it, i can to. if she can do it we all can do it.  if you work hard you can do ANYTHING!
there may be pain along the way, but at some point the pain will stop

whats killing me with this belly stuff is that there is no work to be done, just rest and wait and see.
well i guess the work to be done is school work.  i really don't like homework, but hey Its better than needles!!!

<3 hannah

ALMOST THERE!!! (song of the night!)

beads= purple 2, white 1

night y'all!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

super cool

people from all over the world read my blog!!
as i am typing this, someone in russia is reading by blog!!!

comments are open to everyone, leave a comment of were your reading from!!!

soooo cool!!!
<3 hannah

friday friday going to the clinic on friday!

stop 1. get new lenses for my glasses
stop 2. children's for clinic
stop 3. u of m children's for prescription

we talked with the belly doctor and he says that the pain is not a bad thing and that it may mean my body is healing on its own, i have more pain meds and were gonna go back in a month to reassess what is going on!  sooo good news but bad news at the same time kinda.  i hate waiting.

NEXT THURSDAY AT 230 THE WAIT IS OVER FOR MY EYES.  it will be the big moment for truth to see if the drops worked and if i need surgery.  so ya, no stress there (heavy sarcasm)

3 good things today
1. i ate food!!!
3. Im still pooping (eww i know but thats a good thing because it means I'm not getting constipated from pain meds)

beads= 2 blue, 1 rainbow, 1 white, 3 purple, 1 bumpy

ok thats it, bye y'all!

<3 hannah

Thursday, May 24, 2012

labor day weekend! woo!!

4 days off to catch up on homework... ya!
and we get to see mara tonight

from the cough i had, i pulled my daiafram muscle and my ribs a sore and i have a tuba concert tonight.  joy. :)

one of my face beads broke today :(;(;(
so I've found a new way of keeping them so they won't break all the time
i put 100 beads on one strand and a clip at the end, so i can connect all of them and have it be really long or i can make them individual necklaces

I'm very proud of this idea
funny what hits you when your on pain meds

on a different note, my cousins in london have the chicken poxs :( hope they fell better soon (apparently in the uk they do not require the chicken pox shot to everyone )

i called my doctor for my belly pain, hopefully they will have more ideas.

<3 hannah

belly anddddd LONDON!!!!

well not london yet, but soon!!! july!

but my belly is very painful, having a hard time eating today.


<3 hannah

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

school, i came back!

only for halve a day, but still its something.

i also have act class tonight that i should go to...

But my belly hurts SO SO SO bad :(

<3 hannah

Monday, May 21, 2012

final post for today!

yes!... but my belly hurts lots :(

y'all should see my arm were they got the blood-its purple! she failed epicly!

and i had a urine test
and 2 ultra sounds

and now I'm home!

beads- 2 blue, 4 light green, 1 red, 1 black, 1 magenta, 1 aqua, 1 dark green, actually, i don't know.  i figure it to when I'm not on pain meds lol

<3 hannah

doctors, hospitals, appendixes, ovarys and cysts


i had a looooong day

1. waited on hold for 20 min to make doc visit
2. went to school to turn work in
3. went to doctor
4. he poked my belly. ouch.
5. blood test
6. urninalisisisisisis
7. lunch
8. head to amplatz hospital
10. have ultra sound
11. have another ultra sound
12. doc calls and says i have a cyst in my ovari
it will go away on its own

they gave me pain meds

we never even met this doctor, just talked to him on the phone
ok cool

have to go in next week to make sure it fell apart or something

nap time

beads- i have noooo clue, ill figure it out later

<3 hannah

taken care of business

after 20 min on hold i got in at 930 this morning

gonna get this pain kicked in the but so i can function again... :)

ok ill update later!

<3 hannah

Sunday, May 20, 2012


its only been 1 week and I've already filled this months bead journal so i made one and now that one is almost filled as well lol

my belly pain is getting REALLY bad
I'm going to call my doc first thing tomorrow and se what she thinks
i also have to get my keppra levels checked this week :P

and clinic but thats every friday

that should be it for doctors this week

aww my kitten came to visit ( he says hi to all y'all)

it stormed last night- very loudly

wingman bead
it looks like I'm getting one!!! thanks Katie and Abby (YA ABBY IS DONE WITH CHEMO!!!)

YOU can sponsor a wingman beads for 5 dollars!!!
click here for that

3 good things today
1. kitten cuddles <3
2. almost done with school

<3 hannah

Saturday, May 19, 2012

sentimental saturday

hello all, hope you are having a nice weekend!!
i was gonna go for a walk but now the sky is dark and it suddenly got windy... sooo maybe later :)

i did get ahold of my mom, we talked this morning :)

i have been hit hard with a BAD cold.  i have been coughing so hard that it now hurts to breath because it is so painful.  i will be seeing my primary this eek to look at my belly, cold and the bump on my leg.

the eye drops have been really bad- its hard not to be upset when they need to go in, but i have to hold it together for my dad, who puts them in for me.

i see my eye doc not this week, but next - please pray that they are working!!!
if they do not work, i will have my 3erd eye surgery.

i have been doing a lot of school work to get caught up for the end of the year

i know that if my eyes don't get better, there will be no london
i HAFT to go to london.

anyways, now for the sentimental bit
my friend made this for me a wile ago <3
brave little emma

3 good things today
1. on the way up from the cold
2. i have faith
3. got all the work done that i needed to do today

same as the last song - only different *A MUST WATCH!!!

<3 hannah

any bead artists out there?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

not cool body, not cool.

hi all.

painwize, today has been REALY bad.  and i can't take pain meds because they make my belly hurt more.  downward spiral of doom

i also cannot seem to get ahold of my mamma :(  she is always in meetings.
i just want to talk with her

on top of this i seem to have picked up a cold

i have clinic tomorrow

3 things
1. i love my cat
2. i have food to eat and a bed to sleep in
3. i have accsess to medical care

<3 hannah

its always darkest before the dawn

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

hellllo all

hope you had a decent day.  mine was sightly better than yesterday.  eye pain is bad and vision is low.  went to school for halve the day- grades are slooooowly climbing out of the gutter

i have not gotten to talk with mom today :( maybe later but i need to go to bed.

3 good things today
1. new modern family was funny
2.  arnie is suuuppppppeeeerrrr cute and i love him lots
3.  London is soon!!!

to tired to find a song

<3 hannah

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

hannah and the terrible horrible no good very bad start of the week

heeeellllloooo alllll
hooooppppppeeeee yoooooouuuuuu hhhhhhaaaaddddd aaaaa ssssuuuupppperrrrrr wwwweeeeekkkkkeeennndddd!

i did, but mom left on a work trip and won't be back for 2 weeks

only 3 weeks left of school
school was hard the past 2 days because my eyes hurt a lot and that is nooooo fun.
it makes class very difficult

on another note - my belly pain has been really bad - I'm thinking i may need to go in to see if it is many the keppra i started last week.

other than that it looks like i maybe appointment free tell friday ( i know right DONT JINSK IT!!! its like the first time in 3 months!!!)

i am going to try to list 3 positive things every day from now on :)
1.  my friends b day!!!
2.  umm... 3 weeks left of school!!!!

photos? i think yes :)

i/we gave these photos to the kind people at the NEGU foundation that sent me a SUPER cool joy jar :)
there was a post a wile ago about my jar to... nope can't find it, but if you look hard enof you can find it!!!

ok well thats all for today
i have marching band now... thats gonna be GREAT for my headache (heavy sarcasm)

<3 hannah

Saturday, May 12, 2012


i love mothers day

i did order that bead for mom - it did not come in time :( its ok ill give it to when it gets here :)

i had a wonderful night last night :) we got burgers and watched movies :)
were gonna hang out tomorrow as well :)

tomorrow i start treatment for my eyes - right now i am legally blind (if there are spelling mistakes in this, I'm sorry but i can't see the keyboard)

the treatment will be painful and give me head aces, but its only 3 weeks.  if it does not work then i will go under the knife. sigh.

the rest of school will be hard.

we have a mothers day brunch, then i have a date!!!

<3 hannah

Thursday, May 10, 2012

what a week

1. my cat ran away and came back
2. i have a lesion on my brain
3. vision is now -14.5
4. may need more surgery
5. i have a date tomorrow



<3 hannah

beads- blue 1, white 3, purple 3, light green 2, bumpy 1, glass 1 (brain boo boo)

song (a must watch)

he gives and takes away... and gives back

ARNIE CAME HOME!!! bless the stars!!!
during our 5am check, he was at the door!!

it may be a hidden blessing as he is walking better than ever!
i love him sooooo soooo much!!!

on an unhappy note, i have a long, painful sounding eye doctor visit today.  i will be getting the results of the testing they ran on me last week. blaaaaaaaaa.  do. not. want.  at all.

ok thats it.

<3 hannah

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

heart broken

my cat is missing.

please come back arnie.  i put out potato chips, felt and your favorite box.

please come home. i miss you so much.

my heart hurts.



hello all,
hope you had a wonderful day! I did!!!
went to school and had clinic

last march, mom liz and i traveled out to winter park colorado so that i could ski with the adaptive race program there.  when we dropped liz off in denver- mom and i stopped to see a movie.  we saw soul surfer ( the movie were the surfer loses an arm and makes a comeback)

mom cried through the whole thing

the similarities were incredible

watching it know i am reminded of the hope that i had when i was skiing and the hope that was lost for walking.
the change sense coming to children's is amazing.  i now have hope for life.

now i am skiing on 2 skis and walking by myself.

thanks to all who have helped my leg heal.  now we can just wip the rest of my body to health, that would be great!

<3 hannah

beads blue 1 rainbow 1

Monday, May 7, 2012

senor skip day 2012

hi all

sitting here in a nearly empty class room. LOL
the monday after prom- no one bothered to show up!

i had a good weekend
had my surgaversory on saterday!!! was very fun! we had people over and had good food :)
then on sunday i got my gold award at this cerimoine thing
we got an email from one of our leaders that all the girls in our troop had to be there- then that leaders girl did not come... hmmm... lol

have doctors visits this week, don't know when though... although, eyes on thursday

<3 hannah

Thursday, May 3, 2012

its late and my head hurts and i have clinic tomorrow

and i stayed home from school sick

and it looks like maybe the beads in space tour will come to mn. witch is suuuuuper cool.

and i slept all day

and now I'm not tired

and homework

and act

and mys audiotion

and headake

and i get to order my april beads on sunday

and i will have 2000

and thats a lot

and my arm hurts from needle yesterday

mostly i feel bad

i want england

and doctor who.

and a tardis.
a tardis would make all my problems go away.

now to get to galifray...

i think a trip to the comic book store tomorrow will help that need.

i don't think i will be going to school tomorrow

<3 hannah

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

long day. But mom comes home tomorrow!!!

HI all!

i had a long, hard, and painful day.
had clinic and a blood draw.  it did not go well. ouch.

1 blue, 2 red, 1 aqua, 1 orange, i dark green and a bumpy.

<3 hannah

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

blood work tomorrow and STUPID EYES!


this post comes from a very tired hannah
mom is still in cali
had another 3 hour dr visit
eyes have gone bisurk
being tested for a few things tomorrow
i see the eye guy next week again
my eyes hurt
my head hurts
im sooooo tired of this


ok end rant

beads - blue 1, wight 3, purple 3, bumpy 1, light green 5, rainbow 1

ok good night

<3 hannah