with verena :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

im backkkkkk!!!!

oh my, were to begin....

as some of you may know, my grandfather passed away 2 weeks ago today.
in all that madness, we took home his massive (160 pound) alsken malamute

get akela (gaps dog) and turbo (our dog) to get along was some feat, but its a lot better now :)  they get along when they want to.

we had a good time at my moms parents house with the large family (38 people i think?)  lots of fun :)

on the other side of my life, saw the eye doctor monday still no driving, starting drops again.  saw neologist last week, same old there.  had a CT (with contrast :P )
tomorrow we se doc sing to see if i can SKI (team starts thursday :) and also more shots!! eek i don't like that!!! LOL
then friday i have a special hearing nerve test and monday ill be fitted for my hearing aids.


thats all for now,  hopefully not to long tell the next one, but life is crazy so no promises :)

<3 hannah

have y'all seen this :) makes me smile

Friday, November 9, 2012


happy almost weekend!!!

today i have 2 appointments and then I'm gonna go sit with dad at his work :)

this weekend i have a MYS concert
i had a school concert last night and that went well :)

thats all for today

<3 hannah

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

happy election!

hope you all had fun voting, I'm not old enof but next year i can!!!

we have our bowling banquet tonight!!! that will be fun :)

and a band concert tomorrow
and then one on sunday as well.

on the other side of things, my doc still dose not think that i can ski :(

Yup! thats all for today :)

<3 hannah

Sunday, November 4, 2012

hey there stranger!

its been awile, pops :)

halloween was sooooooo good.  and in true hannah fashion, i don't have the pics on me so it will be awile  (if you've been following for some time, you know that awile can mean up to 6 months lol)

but here are some london pics....

my cousin seb, waiting for the bikers to come by wile having fun on his bike

verena watching the olympics live!

Me at harry potter studio tours, this was olivanders wand shop, each and every box is hand painted!!! 

baby cousin charlet and aunty tory

USA pride at the olympic bike time trials,  the finnish was hampton court.  the house in the background is were i stayed

OLYMPICS! they went by sooo fast!


as far as life this week, school has been good.  bowling team just ended so now we just wait for skiing to start :) 

i have some appointments this week, the biggest being tuesday when the doc says if i can ski or not. 

ok! im gonna go back to beading and watching americas next to model.  because it is quality television that is worth my time. not. it s funny though!

<3 hannah