with verena :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012


hi y'all

sorry for going so long with out an update
if you follow me on Facebook you know that i was in the hospital (I'm home now :)

we went in for my pre op and they were not happy with how much food/water i was keeping down so they sent me to the er
were they pumped me full of fluids (3 liters before i peed!)
the doc decided that i needed my scopes the next day so they put an NG tube in and started the cleanse (i was unable to keep the stuff down)
yesterday i went back in for the scopes... and they all looked good so no answers there :P we are still waiting for pathology
they kept me another night to see if i would feel better (the sleep medicine and i had a battle)

got sent home this evening
still not able to keep any food or water down so if i don't improve by saturday i will have to go back in.

thats just the bones of it.  there was a lot of needles, ng tube drama, vein misses, throwing up etc... current bead count from this 56

still feeling crummy but mom gets home tomorrow so that will be good

thats it for now, more when i have it

<3 hannah

Sunday, August 26, 2012

surviving sickness: medical binder

a medical binder is something i think everyone should have, weather perfectly healthy or in and out of the hospital.

for awile, i was managing my medical needs but in these past to months it has become overwhelming and mom has stepped in to help.  the only problem was with 2 of us making appointments and talking to doctors we only had halve the story each
so i have taken some time (or actually lots of time) to put together a binder that we can take to doctors and put up coming appointments in as well as keep track of my medical history

here is what you will need
1 3 ring binder
2 sets of 8 tab binder deviders 
4 packets of the round hole support things
1 3 hole puncher
knowledge of medical history

put the dividers in
on the first tab put EMERGENCY INFORMATION
on the next put CALENDER
the next set is for all your doctors that you see (1 tab per doctor)
behind those you will put the appointment summaries (i get them in the mail from some and i have to ask for others)  keep the most current in front

in the school tab i put my 504 plan (school accommodations)
in the notes section, write down any questions you have for your doctors, then put the answers on them and move them to that doctors tab
put any discharge summaries in the er/hospitalizations tab
in the health summary tab be sure to put a list of family health history as well (they always ask about that) 
and ask your mom about your birth and her pregnesy (they always want to know what meds your mom was on when she was pregnant as well as when you hit milestones) 

as for mine, i like the staple brand binder, it travels around lots and has held together nicely 
be sure to put the donut support things on all your health records, they are the most important papers you will ever have!!!

even if you are not sick now, make one.  you don't know when that status will change and its easier to make one now then when you are sick!!! and if you are sick and you don't have one, but don't have time to put one together message me and i may be able to help (I've been thinking of putting together a kit on etsy that comes pre made all you have to do is add your own history)

i spent a LONG time making charts and pages 
they are all saved and i want to share them!!! message me and i can get them to you!!! 

keep your binder updated!!! 

hope this helped!
<3 hannah

Saturday, August 25, 2012

sappy saturday: an overdo update and london wrap up!

hi y'all!  hope your having a happy end to you summer

i made it back from london in one piece, although joe biden stole our gate and we had to wait a hour and a half...
when i got home i was amazed with the amount of packages i had got!!! most were things that i made/ordered, on top of that i got a really nice package from mallory in her blog giveaway :)

on the other side of things i have been very tired (jet lag?) sense getting home.  i have been having fun at the fair, was there for almost 3 hours today 2012 record so far (will beat that next week when we see journey as a fam)

saw 1 doc last week and have 3 this week.  i find it ironic that i have my well child and my pre op in the same appointment
get it
because if your actually a well child
you would never need
and pre op

ill get my hearing checked again and we will see if i fail it again, if i do we can get  refered to someone so that i can hear well again :)

i also see the eye doc

we have extended family birthdays tomorrow (mines in there!!!)

surviving sickness

should be cool
tomorrow will be ether how to set up a medical binder OR covering a bald patch with class

also keep your eyes peeled for london pics :)

thats all!


Saturday, August 18, 2012


had a nice quiet day!!  only 2 days left here :(  tomorrow we are going to church and monday is dedicated to packing :)

i other news, wile combing my hair today i noticed a lot was coming off,  then 2 very big clumps came out
we were in a time crunch to get to a bbq so i just threw it in a pony
when we got back i combed it out, a lot came out but not as much as before then i found this
i guess it was a lot of hair that was coming out!!!

in this one you can see the thinning in my scalp

we don't know why the hair fell out, but my 'patch' is noticeable (i have a side part)  

when i get home i will see my GP and see what she thinks

ok thats it!

<3 hannah

Friday, August 17, 2012


i went to the kew gardens!!! it was really nice!!

 and the day before that i went in to london and shopped and went to st pauls cathedral and then saw rock of ages with my uncle :)  were fun

i have hundreds of pictures, i have no way to load them on this computer so ill post some when i get home


i leave early tuesday morning, so monday is dedicated to getting ready to go
and I'm just gonna hang around this weekend so yesterday was my last 'big' day here.

i also am not feeling super good today (belly)
if you remember last satureday, i am happy that i got to have all the adventures i did this week :)

thats it i think

<3 hannah

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

hannah, the Arachnophobic?

hello all!

i had a sick day today- nothing major, just a head ake and such

feeling better now


so tonight as i was getting ready for bed, i saw it.  the spider.

now normally, i am fine with spiders at home.  at camp i thought it was odd that anyone could be sqimish around them, as they can not harm you.  mind you that these are the small, thin spiders of minnesota.

this spider was MASSIVE (this just happened, so i am exsaturating- it probably was like 2 in) and harry and it was just chillin in the corner, not doing much of anything.  but for some reason my heart beat really fast and my breathing quickened , tunnel vision the works.

so i got some tp, used socks on my hands as protective gear and grabbed a shoe.  i hit it like 10 times and it was still alive so i kept hitting it.  its legs just would't stop moving!!! ICK!

so thats todays story,  have you ever had something that your normally fine with caused you to panic like this???

lol bed time :)

also- postcards go out tomorrow so if you want to participate last minet in the 17 bead challenge and get a london post card- tonights it!!!

<3 hannah

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the British Museum

hello all!!!

hope you are having a great start to your week!!!

i am doing lots better
mom called the doctor and he thinks its not what we thought it was (referring to saturday) but I'm gonna spend the rest of my trip having fun, if it is going to happen again, it will happen no matter where i am.

so today i went into london and saw the british museum, full to the brim of cool artifacts!! lots of fun!

i even met a fellow tuba player in the tube!!!

after my big day out my body is exsausted
but i ate SO much food at dinner (big smile) and it was because i was HUNGRY!!! not because i 'needed' to eat
but it still "hurt" to eat :P

i also stopped at a book shop and got some books on the war of roses, queen mary 1 (you know, the one that burned people :) and queen Elizabeth 1

ok, i think that is all!!!
<3 hannah

Sunday, August 12, 2012


hello all

hope you are having a superb sunday! i am feeling better than yesterday, but am still not myself.
its an odd feeling when you tell your body to move and it won't or it just goes really slowly.

yesterday was really scary, but i am glad that i am doing better :)

im am very sleepy and won't be staying up for the closing cerimonys :P so y'all will just have to watch it for me :)

i don't have any big plans tell wednesday so ill just be hanging round the house :)

its getting close to the end of my london adventures, i leave next tuesday =(  but on the other hand i miss home

ok thats it for today, IM OFF TO BED

LOL Caps lock (can you tell my hands are tired? :)

<3 hannah

Saturday, August 11, 2012

sappy saturday- winser castle and ambulances

hi y'all

hope you are having a good day!!!

today started out on a good foot, we all got up had food and loaded the car for a fun day at the castle.
we parked about 4 streets away and waited 20 min to get passes in (witch we did not end up getting...)

...because i suddlenly lost control of my face (talking and swallowing) then the rest of me, and long story short because i am tired, i ended up in an ambulance, er and finally a room to myself.
i was discharged and am at home now :)

very frustrating and very embarising :(

also very scary as this had never happened
they are not sure what did happen.  at first they were gonna run a bunch of tests, but then i got a bit better and they said it could wait tell i get back home to the states. (yay)

they had called a few specialists (from oxford, only the best for me :)  and i have there number if anything else happens before i get home

on the plus side i don't think we will be charged for todays events as there is public health care here and they did not take much info from me :)

when they were gonna run the blood tests they gave me a numbing cream so i wouldn't feel the stick (i don't think they knew i get blood sticks a lot lol) i love those creams for IVs.  the cream is very effective as i still can't feel my arm (haha)  but it also burnt my skin its all red and uncomfortable


on the other side my 2 year old cousin LOVED seeing the ambulance and had lots of fun playing with the toys at the hospital :)

always makes me smile
ok im gonna go to bed now

i think ill have a better day tomorrow...
<3 hannah

Friday, August 10, 2012


hi y'all!!

having a wonderful time here!  i am relaxing and having a good time!
on sunday we are all going to windsor castle :) i am really looking forward to it!!!

then it sounds like i will be going into downtown london sometime this week to go to the national gallery :D


on different note, i got conformation that i will be volunteering at the mn state fair!!! i will be working in the agriculture building, bee section at the display frame!!!

ok i think that is all,
i have now been writing this post for 20min

ok really done now

<3 hannah

Sunday, August 5, 2012

week 2 :)

i am having a GREAT time here!!!  my 2 little cousins are too cute!!!

we droped verena off at the airport yesterday :( that was hard, i don't know when i will get to see her again.
after that yesterday i stayed home and read a book i got on the 6 wives of henry the 8th :) my FAVORIT story of all time!

in not so happy news (besides verena leaving) i have gotten a uti :P its a lot better now though.

i also have been having nightmares about my upcoming tests, one of the things that has helped me is thinking of what beads i will get, and because the tests i will have are not on the usual bead guide, i will get a courage bead!  and because i spend way to much time on the internet i found this bead
and it is perfect. so this little guy is in the mail on the way to my house for me when i get back. then he will come with me to the hospital and make me smile when i feel bad from the sleep medicine :)


today we are going to the post office to send out the postcards that i wrote!

that all for now!

<3 hannah

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

hi y'all!

the 'london london LONDON' post was written yesterday, but the internet was spotty so it didt post

today we watched the olympics LIVE from the front drive!! SO COOL!!!!!

i wore a big sparkly usa hat and a usa shirt and lots of usa flags :)

tomorrow verena and i head back into london!
we are going to get a pasty in the train station (yummy!)
then we will take the tube over to the 'london dungeon' witch is a historical haunted house (i know, I'm very confused but it looks like fun )

then we get lunch and head to the bus that will take us to...

ajdfohadiofhaofhoadshfoia! i can't wait.  but i am very tired :) so I'm gonna go to bed early ( once the little ones settle down)

i have lots of pictures that i will post later ( i have no way to get them from the camera to computer)


<3 hananh

london london LONDON!

I'm here (have been for a few days :)

had fun today with verena, we when into london and saw phantom of the opera and tower of london and olympic park

tomorrow we watch olympic byclicling so watch for us on the tv:)

i have lots and lots of pictures so