with verena :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

the end of MEA break

hi y'all,

for those that don't live in MN/dont know, every fall we get a 2-3 day break called MEA, that plus the weekend made a 5 day break!!  it was a lot of fun but i have school tomorrow :(

dad and i worked LOTS on halloween today, i also went to church witch was fun :)
saturday i had orchestra rehearsal
friday clinic and i toured u of m morris with mom and liz had 8 friends over (yes that is 8 7th graders!!! LOUD TO SAY THE LEAST!) and we took them to fright mares at buck hill witch was cool- the kids got in trouble for being to loud lol
thursday i build halloween decor
wednesday same as thursday + a bowling meet

i don't want to go to school tomorrow :P lol

10 days tell halloween!!! :)

<3 hannah

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


you know you live in mn when you give the last remaining outlet to the heated mattress pad instead of your phone charger...

voting in COOKIES! a rant on the 2012 election

hi y'all!!!

life is CRAZY!  halloween being the most of it :)  have a looooong list of to dos before the 31st!

we have a 5 day weekend off of school!!! ya!!  I slept tell NOON today!!! :)

i have had a good couple of weeks. although my doc still won't sign the clearance form for skiing and i still can't drive :P

funny store;  on the way back from my music retreat, mom and i stopped at a bakery in red wing were we found that they were having a 'cookie election'  so we got to obama cookies and posted a pic of us with them to Facebook.  then the commenting started (just so we are clear on this, even though i can not vote this election, i have very strong views)

mary- you bought loser cookies...
me- :( well at least we did not buy 'you have to have your baby cause there is no other choose' cookies
me- or college dept cookies
me- or lets build more unnessisary tank cookies
me- or i hate the environment cookies
mom- wow. sounds like hannah has a strong opinion...
mary- wonder where she gets that from
mom- from her dad of course
mary- hannah, you should try the unnecessary tank cookies, they have nuts and chocolate chips, and are great!
mom- mary... dont egg the kid on...
verena- i am quite enjoying myself
misty- way to go hannah! you forgot the 'you cant vote because your 90 and don't hold a drivers license any more' cookie
me- well mary, at least the obama cookies are 47% off
mary- misty, you should try the 'i can vote 10 times because they don't ask for ID' brownies, they are 2 for 1.

this year in MN we are voting on voter registration as well as the marriage reform (VOTE NO!)


man i wish i was 18

best election ever

some of my friends are 18 and can vote, but are not going to because 'there one vote won't matter'.
EVRY VOTE MAKES A DIFERENCE. IF YOU DO NOT VOTE, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLANE ABOUT ANYTHING.  this is YOUR chance to make a CHANGE! let your voice be heard, no matter what party you support!

to lighten the mood :)

14 days tell halloween
19 days tell the election!!!

ya! well thats about all at the kiresuk house!!!
we finally got the swamp monster up!! :)  yay  halloween!!!

<3 hannah

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

better day

hi y'all

yesterday was looooong but its over

today has started out well, i have much more energy than this time yesterday :)

time for school!

<3 hannah

Monday, October 8, 2012

well, i have a case of the mondays

hi y'all!!

i had a longgg day

had my eye appointment today,  it was very short.  there has been no change.  UGGG!  no driving.  still no answers and I'm going back in 6 weeks :P

but other than that today was good! had the day off of school,  worked on the halloween path, when to doc (ugh) went to the mall with mom, got choclet, went to the hair lady with mom, had a 2 hour nap there and then got sushi

the only bummer is that tomorrow is school :P  and then clinic, anddddd i need some shots :P

oh well

thats all for today!!! I'm gonna go eat my choclet!

<3 hannah

Sunday, October 7, 2012


hi y'all

this morning i talked with verena and went to the finish line of the metronic marathon!  i had fun but now i don't feel to well so I'm resting at home, mom liz and dad went out for lunch with our running buddies

hoping that i feel better so i can go work on the path and see a movie tonight (hotel traselvana)

tomorrow i go into to see my eye doctor.  we are hoping that my eyes have improved enof so that i can drive again!!!! hoping for the best

its a beady kinda sunday

arnie says hi!

<3 hannah & arnie

Saturday, October 6, 2012

kinda a sappy saturday

hi y'all!

today was a long but good day, had orchestra rehearsal, senior pics and now I'm at my gpas house.

this week was fun, homecoming was really good.

on top of homecoming, i had many appointments.  I'm getting hearing aids, have the fitting in november  i also saw ENT, they did a scope (note mom did not tell me this was happening -_-)  but it was ok (they numbed up my nose and then put a camera stick down it- same path as an ng tube, but only to my mouth i got to see my vocal cords!), just a bit uncomfortable.  i have what they though i have and its easy to treat :) VCD/PVFM
i also had OT, looks like i will be in OT tell late december

next week i have my eye doctor, dr sing, reumatology, ot and dr chris

liz and i have monday off of school but i have docs :P

IN EXTREMLY EXSITING NEWS (lol soooo many spelling erors) MY DOCTOR AND I WERE SELECTED TO RECIVE A TEAM BEAD CARRIED BY AN OLYMPIAN!!! i got the email today.  how that worked was i wrote a short nonimation on how my doc shows olyimpic spirt with my care <3 they got reviewed and we were chosen :)

so today has been good!
annnnnnddddd SNL is on tonight- I'm tired and won't be staying up for it but ill watch it tomorrow :)

thats all for today!!
<3 hannah

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


hi y'all.... it the first week of october witch means one thing...

today was toga tuseday, so fun. so fun.

unfortunetly i had to leave early to go to the audiologist

after lots of tests it was decided that i need hearing aids!
(its ok, they come in pink... lol)

I've been addicted to this video...
gangnam style


have a great day!!
<3 hannah