with verena :)

Monday, April 30, 2012


so as some of you know, my sis liz is a super star alpine skier.

that is here with her her hardware from the JOUNIOR OLIMPICs.

yup.  she's that cool.

anywayyyyy... she trains with Mat Strand 
i though how cool it would be if he carried team beads

i sent him an email with info on BOC and my story and how to join and such and this was his response (and in true hannah fashion, a few spelling mistakes as well :0)
Hi Hannah,
I would love to carry courage beads. I will send out an email this evening. 

You are a true inspiration, and are the definition of courage. 

Matt Strand

Sent from my iPhone

AWWWWWW! made my day, not easy to beat clean scans today :) <3

thats him being supper cool and stuff.

see ya tomorrow :)

well... one more big one this week

i see my eye doc tomorrow


its only been 3 weeks


come on body, hold it together!

<3 hannah


scans looked good :)

however, i did have a seizure so have to talk with some of my conductor (dr sing) about seizer medication- i have the script but 3 years!!!
we don't know
driving? nope

also one last big appointment tomorrow!!!

beads - 1 blue

<3 hannah

Saturday, April 28, 2012

the world could slow down now. please.

i feel like life is moving so fast.

monday is the day i get results of the scans- they are going to see what is going on and if it needs to be treated.  this is frustrating because seizures are a whole new realm for me.  i do not know what to expect or what treatment will be.

and then tuseday i see my eye doc to find out whats going on there.  that will most likely require further testing.

then a short break tell friday when i have therapies

i know i said that i did earlier - but you have to wait a month and go back in and so on and so forth.

also got a surpize boc package today- the beads that did not come in my last order :)
3 glass beads ( mostly seizure stuff) its nice going into monday with those.

on a sad note, no church tomorrow :( no ride so i can't go (liz has soft ball and they are droping mom off at the airport for her work trip)

oh mom leaves for california tomorrow ( she goes every 3 months) sense her work is based out of a university there.


<3 hannah

laaaaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyy saturday AND CAT PHOTO BOMB!

gonna work on gold award, go for a run down stairs and nothing else

ok, cat pictures

there are some duplicates in there- YOUR WELCOME!!!

<3 hannah

ps song (for jessi)

Friday, April 27, 2012


have an eye appointment next tuseday- vision suddenly got VERY worse and blurry and double.

also have my neurology appointment on monday- going over scan results!!!



also my uncles house in england, the rode out front is the bicycle track for the olympics on the 30th.  
and verena has her ticket

so thats gonna happen

and the harry potter studio tour is now open so that will happen to


beads- wednesday 1 blue 1 rainbow, thursday 1 blue 1 rainbow, friday 1 blue 1 rainbow.

<3 hannah

Sunday, April 22, 2012

second post tonight!

wellllll as promised...

this afternoon was the last Minnesota youth symphonies concert of the season.

it. was. amazing.

also i played sousaphone. on orchestra hall stage. go ahead. be jealous.
(i play the tuba- against my bodes will- if you did not know that :)

anyway. the low brass section and i grew close this year.  most weeks i brought my beads to rehearsal to show them all the new ones i had earned.
we had some great times, including spit drawings on the floor... and some not-so-great-times were i set up for a party and no one came...

anyways!  they suprized me with a gift at the concert today!!!
there is a lovely card... from the front "we the trombones, have enjoyed all to the crazy, unique, insane, extraordinary, and beautify memories.  And man, have remade some MONSTEROUS sounds! "


and they gave me a bead

that was the gift part.  

meaning of this post; beads are awesome.  tuba is amazing. trombone players rock.  PEOPLE ARE SO NICE.  i have great friends.  (i needed to be reminded about that today. (that story is a another blog post)

actually skip to 656 to

haha the conducter kinda looks like a zombie from walking dead... :)

<3 hannah

1 of 2 posts this evening...

hello all- this is a multi post nigh! lucky you!

first, i am amazed by all the people who follow my blog- got one of those countie type things (look to your right- up a little... yup! its the flowers pots with numbers!)

second beads from friday blue 1 rainbow 1

third- i posted a few days ago that i may on have one doc appointment this week... NOPE! sigh.. whatever!

lastly (for this post at least...) here is a web cam history of my beads...

there, now I'm off to write the next post...

<3 hannah

Friday, April 20, 2012

mothers day

mo Glass Bead mo110322a33
mo Glass Bead mo110322a33
Glass floral motif bead measures 38mm x 19mm, 3/32" hole by Melissa Osten.

this is the most perfect bead for my mom.  last mothers day, we were in the hospital

saving up!

<3 hannah

push up

no... i can't do a push up
my neurology follow up got pushed up to monday morning.

<3 hannah

Thursday, April 19, 2012


and that makes me very happy.

plan for tomorrow
1. school :(
2. clinic :/
3. run D:
4. PARTY CAUSE ITS THE WEEKEND!... no school or doctors.

it looks like next week i maybe only have 1 appointment...
have to call tomorrow for jaw- i know i missed pt.  forgive me i was at home post seizure.

wait wait wait...

also fun fact; did you know that act of courage beads only stay at head quarters for 48 hours before being  sent out to kiddos?

<3 hannah


50th post!!!

and a sad one at that, Gavin DeGraw will move no further in DWTS :(

but on anther note... there is hints of him touring to different hospitals... hmmm

click here to go to the DWTS BOC event Facebook page to see lots of kids that are SUPER brave!

clinic tomorrow!

<3 hannah


no updates for a wile.  I've been trying to catch up on sleep from the EEG.

we will get the results from the scans on the 30th

have my follow up PT next friday.

that is all

<3 hannah

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

because i forgot yesterday...

MRI was in a weird truck thingy.  odd.

there was only one guy

mom said it was short but it felt like forever-there were mirrors so you could see out of the tube, fat chance without glasses on!

but the guy did't pull me out of the tube in a panic cause my brain was missing or something (happened with leg)  so thats good.  the radiologist will look over the scan this morning :)

beads (TOTAL)
2 blue, 1 black, 2 light green


stayed up the whole night! and we are off to have an EEG :P

hannahs guid to staying up all night (WARNING written with no sleep!)
1. watch dancing with the stars
2. go out for dinner at perkins at 9
3. make friendship bracelets with mom
4. watch doctor who
5. hot tube with dad
6. watch harry potter
7. repeat step 5
8. repeat step 6
9. update blog
10. leave for EEG

*note, author does not assume any responsibility for tears from headache or lack of sleep

<3 hannah

Monday, April 16, 2012

hannah, the queen of needle pokes

normaly a blood draw is no big deal.  but today the did one in the same arm as the one last week.  bruise still there.
if feels like someone took out the muscle out of my arm- tied them into nots- then put them back in.

ahfjkahfahfaoshdfaoshfashf. owie.

end complaining

but the day is not over yet... in fact my day won't end as i will be staying up all night in prep for the EEG tomorrow.

ok now for real end complaining.

mir is tonight at 7PM not AM as we thought.

beads total (so far today- will update later)
1 blue, 1 light green (pft), 1 black (owie)

happy afternoon!

ill up date again!!!

<3 hannah

change of plans

we had MRI time wrong- its 7 in the evening
also have a visit to the phulmnologist this afternoon w/ PFT. YAY video games!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

a lovely sunday

went to church, came home, did homework and watching old doctor who

head hurts but thats not new (MRI tomorrow)

i can't see why
i hate needles
and tubes
and needles attached to tubes.
needle = black bead
mri = light green
clinic = blue

we got this.

got so much homework done.  Yay!!

sooo tired, have to get up early = early to bed

the sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, they'll be light!
tomorrow, tomorrow i love ya tomorrow.

<3 hannah

Saturday, April 14, 2012


hello all :)

had a good day :)

went to rehearsal- did't feel to fantastic ( still don't)

had a nice dinner with dad


church tomorrow.

hightend scanziety for mondays mri.

good night!

i felt the world needed some extra cute today :)

JENNY! (song of the night)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


gavin concert.

so exsited

can not think (or spell)


i also have clinic tomorrow.

we watched gostbusters today.  i love that movie :)

who ya gonna call?

<3 hannah


working hard to make the grade.

its hard.

thats all

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


look i found colors and other fun things :)

so i anatomy we learned all about bone structure and function, it was cool to compare my x rays to 'normal' scans

we also learned about joints- i was very interested in the jaw joint because mine has gone crazy (well at least a tmj disorder does not effect me on a daily basis- oh wait, no gum, and a mouth that is locked every morning)
-I hate whining, there are so many people out there who would love to trade shoes with me.  but it still is problematic when doctors yell at me about not eating breakfast I'm sorry i could not open my mouth to eat food.

but i have self care stuff that i do in the morning to free my jaw up ( its mostly the right side that has problems- so if you gently move it around the right joint it works)

it was neat to compare drawings of 'normal' joints to mine- you can see were the cartilage is all messed up.

my mri got moved from sunday to monday

also working to pick out necklaces for gavin concert.
i think i have them chosen
1. the pink necklace with cats and hannah
2. the necklace that has the gavin bead on it
3. my rainbow necklace with purple heart :)
4. new necklace with penguin bead


:O) :) :0) song

Neurology appointment

just got back from.  went well, don't know anything tell test results come in.

tests are scheduled MRI SUNDAY 415PM, EEG TUSEDAY 7AM

for the eeg i have to stay awake all night so that i am sleep deprived. ideas for staying awake are now being taken.

beads 1 blue, 1 fish.

<3 hannah

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


made it the whole day of school, but i sat on gum and it got stuck to my pants.

mom texted asking about my day at school, i told her that i had a headache, instead of giving a tip or sympathy she told me is spelt headache wrong.

i was going to see my cousins track meet but i feel like crap and liz is mean.


and worried about tomorrow (new doctor)

ALSO I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DRIVE AGAIN.  IT SEEMS SOOO UNFAIR THAT IVE ONLY HAD MY LICENCE FOR 5 MONTHS AND I ALREADY CANT USE IT,  (other kids get theres taken away because the sped or ran a red light... I DID NOT DO ANY THING WRONG- well my brain did...)

frustrated+angry+sad+worried= STRESS= TEARS

end rant

<3 hannah

ps i am tempted to order a special bead for this, it is mostly medical related stress.  idk. nap

Monday, April 9, 2012


I got 3 packages today!!! YEAH!!
1. normal order of beads from BOC (now working on my 19th strand :0)
(note says "be strong hannah, love the video)
Gavin. Degraw. Saw. my. video... i have no words.

3. a bead that was a surprise, CJ and her family saw my video and gifted a lovely purple heart bead
as always, i am amazed by the kindness of strangers

all i can say is thank you, to everyone at boc, or who have sent my special beads, or those who keep me in there prayers.

<3 hannah

Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter!

church bright and early, played both services!!!

found my easter basket, took a long time :)

going to dads family soon, just 6 of us compared to 40 some people yesterday

mom made gluten casein free cupcakes, pudding, potatos, and more... gonna be soooo full tonight

head hurts!

<3 hannah

Saturday, April 7, 2012


bring a friend day at rehearsal- i brought liz, she said that she had fun :)

left early my head hurts!!! :(

slept for awile, then it was off for easter celebration with moms BIG family.  headache got worse :P had fun though :)

forgot from yesterday beads = 1 blue and 1 rainbow (hard earned rainbow!!!)

gonna try and stay up for snl- probably not a good idea as i have to be at church at 745 tomorrow.

im gonna bet 3 hours to find my easter basket. dad will probably help.

ugg. i. do. not. want. to. go. to. school. on. monday.

the longer i go without a seizure the more of a change is was a 1 time deal!!! fingers crossed!

nope, monday still looks bad.


<3 hannah

Friday, April 6, 2012

sleep, worry, pray

sleep is all that i have been doing.

worry... what if have another one, will anyone be around to help, what if something is wrong?

pray needs no explanation


hope y'all had a good friday

<3 hannah

Thursday, April 5, 2012

on the road to recovery

made it to school for the whole day!!
and i got in to the neurologist for next Wednesday at 745


tired. headache. dizzy.

song of the night

<3 hannah

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


well, the clinic was able to get me in fast.

had a lab draw and a referral to neurology...

called them and the soonest appointment is JULY 10TH

(my birthday)
i can't drive tell i see this doctor.


not fair.

plus my head and arm hurts


bad day. very bad day.


beads= blue 1, red 1, aqua 1, orange 1, black 1, gray 1
plus the ones form earlier

<3 hannah

ps- mom is gonna call a few other clinics to see if i can get in earlier

also seizures are scary.

i call them the shaky dance

thats all

seizures? what happened to my clean bill of health?!?

had a fun morning at school ( sarcasm )

my heart raced, told my teacher something was wrong

woke up with headache on floor.

friend said i tensed up, fell, and started shaking, then stopped, then woke up.

unfortunately this happened right before passing time.
the worst wheelchair ride I've ever had - through crowed of open mouthed, inconsiderate teenager. wonderful.

thank you body for your continued assholeness.

beads= magenta (i think this was a unexpected enof event to earn a magenta for) and 1 glass ( for that HORRID wheelchair ride - only it has to be the coolest bead ever, because that was awful. it should be like tree of gondor or tardis cool)

oh and the best part - if these continue, drivers license gets taken away. like forever. i not aloud to drive this week. :(


end rant

<3 hannah

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

sick. tired. dizzy. headake.


on a plus side, my gavin bead was shipped.

can't move without feeling faint.
this is a problem.

another plus side- i watched game of thrones.  addicted

england, england, england - why is it not july!?!

also doctor who comes out in agueust (feel like crap-cant remember how to speel, or think for that matter...)
AND lord of the rings mathathon
and doctor who

i am such a geek
song of the night

also it seems as if the misecotos have come back with a vengeance
and i am coverd in bruses

well this post needs to end because its going nowhere

<3 hannah

Sunday, April 1, 2012

i have a clean room!

its weird...
usually, after an er trip or a surgery or hospital admission, my family cleans my room for me (sort of like a 'sorry your body hates you' kind of thing) it worked well when i had lots of them, but now that things have slowed down, my room is a disaster!

so i cleaned it.  actually, most of my room is under my bed and desk.  (shh don't tell mom!!!)

YA holy week!!! love palm sunday, i am ready for the striping of the alter on thursday but i HATE friday.  although in the end, it was for the better i guess.  i just feel as humans we strive to be perfect, and do not want to accsept that we are not.
i am playing tuba at both easter services at our church! :)

in youth group we talked about white privilege. I feel like we could not get a full perspective because our church does not have a single african american member, witch is odd because our church is located in a very diverse community (minneapolis- dinky town)

what else did i do today...

i restrung some of my beads, will post pictures later as the beads are up stairs and i am lazy :)

song of the night

<3 hannah