with verena :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012


my sis liz turned 12 today :)

and i have a new hair cut and new glasses :)

sups says my beads will be here tomorrow afternoon, witch is a bummer, i was hoping they would get here today so i could bring them to the hospital tomorrow :( oh well... ill just bring them monday when I'm there... lol

beads = 1 blue, 2 light green, 1 bumpy... tomorrow will be a heavy bead day (PURPLE HEART!)... watch out for pictures

song of the afternoon... seems fitting for today :)

<3 hannah

ps... do you guys listen to the songs i post? just wondering :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

had a good day :)

song of the night

so existed.


<3 hannah

beads = 0

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

so. tired. can't. even. type.

what an amazing day.

so fun
we did well at the band contest (judges said the tubas were 'superb')

then with the gavin video, and his tour AND him staying for another week on dwts :)

got an email from usps, my beads are coming (purple heart!)

song of the night
from the greatest musical ever.

now I'm off to bed!

<3 hannah


greatest. tour. ever.

i have to go.
end of story
the world will end if cannot go.

that is all.

<3 hannah

Monday, March 26, 2012


gavin's dance

my video to gavin and entry to receive one of his team beads
annnnnnnddddd..... I got one!!! YAY! i have loved his music for a wile now, I AM SO EXCITED TO GET THIS BEAD!

so cool

can't even think
song of the night

as you can tell, i have figured out how to link things onto this blog :)

school is back into full swing- have a field trip to a band contest tomorrow, then marathon appointments on friday (+ purple heart!!!)

we are going to get the party hats tomorrow for the people at school :)

happy day.

<3 hannah

Sunday, March 25, 2012

week in preview

monday - nothin much just A WHOLE DAY OF SCHOOL :)/:(
tuesday - field trip with the band
wednesday - ANOTHER FULL DAY OF SCHOOL! (glasses should be in)
thursday - AND AGIAN

FRIDAY - DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PURPLE HEART FIRDAY! YAYYYYY! (3 doc visits)

beads = 0

hi gavin and beads of courage !

song of the night

my sis did not know who in sync was.  we listened to this all day.  look at jt's hair... and the dancing! it sounded better when i was 8...

well it aint no lie bye bye bye!
<3 hannah

Friday, March 23, 2012


5 days, 13 hours tell i get my purple heart!!! YA!
sooo ready
my friends at school are going to were pink party hat that state "Hannah is DONE"

sooo existed

worked at the girl scout carnival tonight
tomorrow have orchestra rehearsal :)

got a package from boc with the beads i got for posting st Patty's day pictures of my beads :)

beads = 0 (well the ones i got in the package, but they were not hard to earn :)

<3 hannah

ps - what do ya'll think of the song a day idea?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

new idea

i am going to post a song that is stuck in my head ever night (i cannot get this out of my head!),

just copy and paste into your window.

bring it on friday

beads = 3 blue, 1 rainbow

<3 hannah

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


today at the u of m after my jaw visit, i was on the way back to my car and my legs gave out - and the guy at the front desk gave my a ride to the er

beads = blue 1, magenta 1, light green 5, pink 2, purple 1, white 2

tomorrow i have pt

im gonna nap now

<3 hannah

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

opps! forgot!

beads = purple 6, white 6, bumpy 1, blue 1.


had my 3 hour eye appointment today.  some fun double vision and a prescription changes (left eye jumped from -2.5 to -4.75!)

they also are giving me bifocals instead of the regular glasses and a pair of reading glasses - ya! (before i wasn't able to because i need prysims in my reading glasses and not in the others, but now i need them in both!)
they wanted me to get ones without lines - said that people will give me weird looks.  i needed to remind them that i spent 3 months using a walker (haha).

so i asked them what the cost difference was between lines and no lines, $200.

no. no. no.  its just 2 lines - no problem

<3 hannah

my week just got crazy

original plan- Monday jaw visits, Tuesday eye visit, Friday 2 therapies

new plan- Monday done! Tuesday same, Wednesday more jaw visit, Thursday pt, Friday therapies.


Monday, March 19, 2012

monday is over!

and what a monday it was!
first i got out of bed - that was a big deal - I'm tired!
then i went to school, new tri, new classes, new people. blaaa.
then i left school for the clinic

beads = blue 1, rainbow 1, light  green 3.  all planed
what wasn't planed was that i have to continue jaw pt. NOOOO. well its not that big of a deal but thats hard to manage - they don't give you the same time or day each week and my gal is only there on monday and tuesday :P
aww well easy pt - we do lots of massage and heat packs (aka naps)
not to be confused with normal pt, witch is lots of work

then when i got back from the clinic i went to get my goal award project approved at the counsel
then i went on a walk with mom :)

now its raining and its getting cooler - it feels like august - liz still had ski practice today (what?!?) 70 degree ski practice lol

tomorrow i head to downtown st paul for an eye check up - its been almost 5 years on the dot from my last surgery, so it is time :( blaaa maybe this time i am eligible for eye therapy ( not that i need anymore therapy appointments lol)
anyway- i HATE driving in downtown!
butttttt... the clinic is across the street from the candy store... hmmm :)

<3 hannah

Sunday, March 18, 2012

home sweet home!

we made it!
and my joy jar came, so neat! has a little stuffed unicorn and stickers and a notebook and pen and silly putty and chopstick and hand sanitizer and a yoyo! not sure what to name my unicorn - also please ignore my face - i have been in the car for 20 hours!

we stopped for lunch in north plate nabraska and later that day they had a tornado! wow!

beads = 0 (tomorrow i will earn at least 3 - and more than that on tuesday, then more on friday!!!)
hopfuly no "surprise" beads this week (er, unexpected tests...)

new tri tomorrow at school - won't be there for the whole day though... bummer (haha not - note i did try to get appointments as late as possible to miss as little school as possible!)

<3 hannah

Saturday, March 17, 2012

sick day

last day to ski in colorado and i stayed back sick :( feeling a little better now, still have a sore throaght and a bad headache

liz did good today! she final got hardware on the last run of the last day :) 10th is not that bad out of 80 races, most of them older than her!

the picture is of me and liz with our "medals"

beads = 0 :)

<3 hannah

Friday, March 16, 2012

last night in colorado

tomorrow is the salum race and then we take off - headed to denver to spend the night - then on sunday we book it back to minnesota to make it in time to school!

not feeling so well today, sore throat and a head ake.  I had a hard time getting up to ski today!
it was worth it, first tracks

liz did well in her races today she finished 15th and 16th :)

beads = 0 although there should be a bead for not feeling well on vacation!

<3 hannah

Thursday, March 15, 2012

im chronically ill and i know it

to the beat of "I'm sexy and i know it"

ahh doc look at that splint x3
i-i had it fitted!
ahh doc look at that splint x3
i-i had it fitted!

when I walk into the rehab department this is what i see
my doctors all stop and smile at me
I did my exercises and i took all my meds
I'm chronically ill and i know it

besides my new song being FANTASTIC some other stuff happened today as well,
1. Liz fell in the race today (she's OK - bit sad though)
2. dad and I locked the keys in the car (oops!)
3. had a fun dinner at this steak place - had to cook your own food
4. looked up hot air balloon rides - $200 = not gonna happen
5. skied with uncle Brian

out of order (5,1,4,3,2) that's how it should be

oh and mom, Brian and I scared grandma good today!

beads = 0 :) ya vacation!

<3 hannah

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

skiing skiing and more skiing!!!

still having a blast out here in steamboat

liz had her second super g training run today- she help back (her coach called her a chicken :)
there getting ready to head out for slaum practice at 3

dad and I when up to the chutes and found some nice snow and bumps... and someone drivers license

I'm going to go take a nap!

<3 hannah

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


bead total is 1122

thats a lot :)


beads earned today = 0 :)  total = 1044!!!
enjoying the lovely skiing out here in colorado :)

very sunny and good skiing
moms nee is bugging her so thats a bummer- she still is skiing though

my leg has been quite painful,  but I'm hanging in there- it is so freeing to be on skis - lots easier than walking- my pt does not get it but oh well :)

my joy jar will be there when i get back :) hopefully my boc beads as well- after this order i will have 1044!!!  that is a medical experience for each bead!

liz had 1 super g training run today (for thoughts who don't know we are in colorado for the jounior olympics!!!)
she said she was nerves- but i would be concerned if she wasn't (haha)
she also was able to get about 15 salum runs in- buuuuuut she did not finish anyone - she was skiing all out (it sounds like tasha set a challenging course today)

this week is a dream - no school (first time in 2 years! from summer school to pseo classes to make up work...) and NO medical appointments - this is the life
-reality will hit hard monday morning with school and a doctor visit- same thing on tuseday... then 2 appointments on friday...   i also have to call to set up with dr frankenstine :( :(

unkle Brian is coming in tomorrow! existed to go skiing with him :)

hope your spring break is going well
<3 hannah