with verena :)

Friday, March 29, 2013


i may still have a cold, but i just got cleared for my EMG next tuesday!

as well as the pre op we had regular clinic and PFT

thats 3 different hosptials/clinics in one day... thank you grandpa for driving me some before dad could come.

we did 3 different PFTs today
1. the one we always do, with and without albuteral
2. mip/mep to test diaphram strenght- came back on the low to middle range, got very tired towards the end, witch was noted and we need to tell the neurologist about
3. we tested the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange witch came back normal.

now we start weaning from mestinon, to be off by sunday morning so that i have 2 days off before!

and now we wait and pray!

happy easter,
<3 hannah

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

april 2ed is fast approaching

hi y'all!

hope your having a stellar day!
im not so much a i seemed to have caught a bad bug.  blaaaa.  lots of cuddles with cats so thats good.

on april 2ed i have an EMG under sedation, after witch we will be looking a 'direction'.  hopefully we will get a conferemed dx of MG.

but in order to be put under i need to be rid of this cough

on friday of this week i have some PFTs and pre op as well as clinic

also liz is headed of to CANADA for a big ski race. good luck liz!

thats all for today!
<3 hannah

ps happy almost easter!
i won't be able to play tuba at church this year because i will be weaning from mention for my EMG.

also i just got back from the school band trip with my momma, super fun!
and the snow is melting, mixed feelings about that but everyone else seems happy :)


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Healing helpers, beads, moa, spring break, Colorado and junior Olympics! Oh my it's been awhile!

Hi y'all!

Hopfully this post find you well and happy and loved :)

1. Healing helpers

healing helpers is a wonderfully family business that takes a stuffed animal and turns it into a medical doll.  You can find them here. I had a cow made with all my scars, his name is hammy and he's really cute!

here he his before his surgery...

and after...

him and i together...

2. Beads/ moa

i got to meat another wonderful beads of courage artist julie this weekend at the mall of america!!  she was lovely and super nice :)

unfortunetly i do not have a picture :(

3. Spring break /Colorado/junior Olympics

last week was spring break for elizabeths big ski race in winter park colorado
she qualified for the jounoir olympics! great job!! she did ok for the first 3 days, but on the last day she did really well and got 4th place!

we had ordered a set of team beads of courage to be sent to the hotel and they got there the night before the last race

4. 1 YEAR ANOVERIDY (spelling I know :P )
of this blog

5. The other side of my life.

i have big EMG under sedation, this will hopefully decided the best way to go with treatment and conferm diagnosis

i think thats it.

sorry this took so long, safari kept quitting on me,  also does anyone blog from iPad?  are there any good apps or ways to do it on the iPad?