with verena :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

merry christmas, happy new year, and welcome to minnesota winter!

hi y'all!

things seem to be finally getting back to normal after the holidays!

we had a lovely christmas.  i was scheduled to play tuba on christmas eve but had some sort of neurological episode (more on that later).  our family from the UK came to visit for christmas and for my cousin Lindsey's wedding.  it was a lot of fun with really good food.

skiing is now in full swing, my high school team has had 3 races so far.  Lizzy has gone to about 4 USSA races this season- she's still working through changing equipment so hopefully she will be back to be a super star racer soon (not that she's not one now, she's just a superstar without any hardware :)

on the other side of my life, like previously mentioned i had an episode of weakness over the holidays.  that caused the need for a soon appointment with my neurologist.  that was on monday and was why i waited soooo long to write this lol.  we have decided to move to meds every 3 hours instead of 4.  we have also decided to move my next single fiber EMG of my face from this summer to sometime this month or next (still working on getting that set up) we will be doing this one under sedation.

lots more i could add to this, but those bridges will be crossed when we get there.

OH i almost forget, i am going to a BOC event at amplatz on friday, its called monster jam!  should be fun! keep an eye out for pictures

<3 hannah