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Sunday, December 2, 2012

tuba Christmas

merry tuba Christmas!  for those of you that don't know, tuba christmas is an event were hundreds of tuba players gather to play christmas carols- there are lots of them all across the country and beond so google it to see if you can make a concert, its pretty cool!!!

then today... I went skiing.  YUP THAT MEANS I WAS CLEARED! we have ski practice with the team tomorrow so that will be fun :)

also the special hearing test came back looking normal!!! YAY!  so now were looking at other options besides amplifiers (hearing aids).  YAY!  they are all a lot cheaper and easier to manage :)
that appointment is tomorrow

we start a new tri tomorrow so that means all new classes...  but i ended with all 'a's first tri so that was wonderful :)

oh and tonight we had a girl scout camp planning meeting and it was really fun :0) can't wait for camp in january!!!

thats it, hope y'all are well!

<3 hannah

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