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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

hey y'all!!

sorry its been so long for an update...

lets see, first try ended (guess who got all a's)  and thus began college app season- so far i have been accepted to montana state with 2 scoloships- but montana is a loooong way from home and i have my eye set on the u of m twin cities, who i haven't heard from yet.

second tri is in full swing, taking a cooking class and thats fun,  and a hard english class thats a lot of work!!  my teachers this try only update grades once a week or take a long time to get things in the grade book so it looks like my grades are worse than the are... :)

on sunday the 9th we had my grandfathers memorial, but we also had a billiard here in mn so not many people came ( we think is was tom that sent the storm to keep people away :)

sense being CLEARED for alpine skiing, it has been going really well, having lots of fun and just taking it easy...

on the other side of my life
i have had many appointments/ tests related to my hearing loss and we have opted for a personal FM system that i will own (compared to the school owning it).  i wear hearing aid looking ear pieces that actually are just receivers and then i have a phone sized box thing that picks up the person thats wearing it and sends it to my ear pieces, that then put that sound into my head.  we chose this over hearing aids because it only amplifies what i am trying to listen to (teacher, parents at dinner in a restaurant )  it even has a group setting so that when i work in groups of 5 at school i can just put it on a desk and it will amplify only them.
we are on the road to getting them but it looks like jaunary some time (insurance needs to prior approve) and then friday i meet with the vision and hearing teachers at school to work some more accommodations so that school is not so hard.

but other than that stuff my other appointments aren't tell after the first of the year. :)
i also have a cold, no fun.  i am surprised i have been able to focus to type this... i could  not when i tried homework :)

5 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS!  can't wait.  I'm playing tuba at church on christmas eve :) :) :)

happy holidays,
<3 hannah

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  1. Feel better soon, Hannah! You are one busy young lady!!!