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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

voting in COOKIES! a rant on the 2012 election

hi y'all!!!

life is CRAZY!  halloween being the most of it :)  have a looooong list of to dos before the 31st!

we have a 5 day weekend off of school!!! ya!!  I slept tell NOON today!!! :)

i have had a good couple of weeks. although my doc still won't sign the clearance form for skiing and i still can't drive :P

funny store;  on the way back from my music retreat, mom and i stopped at a bakery in red wing were we found that they were having a 'cookie election'  so we got to obama cookies and posted a pic of us with them to Facebook.  then the commenting started (just so we are clear on this, even though i can not vote this election, i have very strong views)

mary- you bought loser cookies...
me- :( well at least we did not buy 'you have to have your baby cause there is no other choose' cookies
me- or college dept cookies
me- or lets build more unnessisary tank cookies
me- or i hate the environment cookies
mom- wow. sounds like hannah has a strong opinion...
mary- wonder where she gets that from
mom- from her dad of course
mary- hannah, you should try the unnecessary tank cookies, they have nuts and chocolate chips, and are great!
mom- mary... dont egg the kid on...
verena- i am quite enjoying myself
misty- way to go hannah! you forgot the 'you cant vote because your 90 and don't hold a drivers license any more' cookie
me- well mary, at least the obama cookies are 47% off
mary- misty, you should try the 'i can vote 10 times because they don't ask for ID' brownies, they are 2 for 1.

this year in MN we are voting on voter registration as well as the marriage reform (VOTE NO!)


man i wish i was 18

best election ever

some of my friends are 18 and can vote, but are not going to because 'there one vote won't matter'.
EVRY VOTE MAKES A DIFERENCE. IF YOU DO NOT VOTE, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLANE ABOUT ANYTHING.  this is YOUR chance to make a CHANGE! let your voice be heard, no matter what party you support!

to lighten the mood :)

14 days tell halloween
19 days tell the election!!!

ya! well thats about all at the kiresuk house!!!
we finally got the swamp monster up!! :)  yay  halloween!!!

<3 hannah

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