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Friday, March 29, 2013


i may still have a cold, but i just got cleared for my EMG next tuesday!

as well as the pre op we had regular clinic and PFT

thats 3 different hosptials/clinics in one day... thank you grandpa for driving me some before dad could come.

we did 3 different PFTs today
1. the one we always do, with and without albuteral
2. mip/mep to test diaphram strenght- came back on the low to middle range, got very tired towards the end, witch was noted and we need to tell the neurologist about
3. we tested the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange witch came back normal.

now we start weaning from mestinon, to be off by sunday morning so that i have 2 days off before!

and now we wait and pray!

happy easter,
<3 hannah

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