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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Healing helpers, beads, moa, spring break, Colorado and junior Olympics! Oh my it's been awhile!

Hi y'all!

Hopfully this post find you well and happy and loved :)

1. Healing helpers

healing helpers is a wonderfully family business that takes a stuffed animal and turns it into a medical doll.  You can find them here. I had a cow made with all my scars, his name is hammy and he's really cute!

here he his before his surgery...

and after...

him and i together...

2. Beads/ moa

i got to meat another wonderful beads of courage artist julie this weekend at the mall of america!!  she was lovely and super nice :)

unfortunetly i do not have a picture :(

3. Spring break /Colorado/junior Olympics

last week was spring break for elizabeths big ski race in winter park colorado
she qualified for the jounoir olympics! great job!! she did ok for the first 3 days, but on the last day she did really well and got 4th place!

we had ordered a set of team beads of courage to be sent to the hotel and they got there the night before the last race

4. 1 YEAR ANOVERIDY (spelling I know :P )
of this blog

5. The other side of my life.

i have big EMG under sedation, this will hopefully decided the best way to go with treatment and conferm diagnosis

i think thats it.

sorry this took so long, safari kept quitting on me,  also does anyone blog from iPad?  are there any good apps or ways to do it on the iPad?



  1. Hannah, the best app I have found for the Ipad, so far, is Blog Press. It's free, and you can blog from your Ipad and post pictures. I love your doll!!!!

  2. Hannah, my name is Heather. I recently took on some of the organizational roles at Bearable Bears. You asked for someone to sponsor your sister a long while ago. I'd love to make that happen for you now, if you are still interested. Please let me know.

    I love your blog! You are such a beautiful inspiration. :)