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Friday, February 8, 2013


hi y'all

hannah here with some cool news, i just got my school issued FM hearing system!!

how it works-
i pick up my hearing aid and microphone at the start of the day from the nurses office
then i give the microphone to my teacher

the microphone picks up only the teachers voice and sends it to my hearing aid peace (they are just recivers not true hearing aids as it was decided that true hearing aids would further harm my hearing)

at the end of class i take it from the teacher and give it to the next.

then at the end of the day i return them to there box in the nurses office

i also will meet with a hearing teacher every week

this will really help in class - we are working with our insurance compony to get a pair that i own so i could take them out of school and use them all the time, but that is taking a while so we just went with this tell we can get that moving.

wow i can hear things
so cool


in other news
1. we saw lady gaga on wednesday.  greatest. thing. ever.
2. we had skiing sections on wednesday (wednesday was loooong!) and that was fun i got 42ed out of 156 racers
3. i have 2 tuba concerts coming up

and back to the other side of my life,  big appointments start off next week with dermatology, phulomology, neurology, othimology and audiology.

i have an EMG under sedation on april 2ed

that should be everything

hope y'all are having a healthy start to 2013!

<3 hannah

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  1. Hannah,
    I'm so happy that you can hear!!!!! It's good to see you blogging again!!!